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Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.

Train with the Professionals at Krav Maga DFW.

Jack Bolowskie

Jack Bolowskie

Martial Arts/Self-defense Head Instructor, Martial Arts/Self Defense School owner since 1991, Certified Grade 2 Krav Maga Instructor, Certified Haganah Instructor, Personal Defense Readiness Instructor, 4th Dan Tang Soo Do, 5th Dan Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Dan Hapkido, Cardio Kickboxing Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Instructor, Training in: Han Mu Do, Aikido, Gojo Rha Karate, Tai Chi, F.I.G.H.T. Tactical Knife Fighting, Ground Survival Tactics, Cardio Karate



John Jordan-  Honorary Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Judo, Arnis / Bo Jitsu Stick Fighting, Tae Kwon Do

KMA Law Enforcement (click here) Certified Instructor


Kevin Link- Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Detective, Johnson County Sheriff Department.

“As a Law Enforcement Officer who has trained in various martial arts and forms of self defense, I’ve found that Krav Maga is a no-nonsense approach to obtain awareness and confidence in today’s world. I have yet to find a more easy to learn or practical form of self-defense.”


Jon Burroughs – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, KMDFW Strong Fit Instructor, Cross Fit Certified, MMA Conditioning Coach Certified,

Strength Coach, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Tim Mellon – Certified Krav Maga Instructor,

Daniel Hines – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, 3rd Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do, 1st Degree Black Belt Hapkido

Beginning his martial arts training at the age of nine, Daniel could be said to have grown up in gyms for most of his life. Throughout his career he has earned a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a 1st degree black belt in Hapkido, and has received training in various other styles. However, while he holds the traditional styles in very high regard, he found his true passion for self defense when he began Krav Maga training in the early 2000′s. In his own words: “Krav Maga is awesome because it takes the best of what works from every other style and makes it work under stress when someone is holding a knife to your throat. Why wouldn’t anyone want that?” Daniel also earned a BS in biology from Southwestern University at Georgetown, TX and has worked in the field of Transplantation Immunology for several years. He is currently certified as an instructor through blue belt and is a coach for the Combat Cardio and Ground and Pound classes.






Shannon Gilligan – Certified Krav Maga Instructor Combat Cardio Instructor

Shannon began training at KMDFW in 2010, taking up mixed martial arts and Krav Maga training after years of competing as an endurance athlete in high school and college. In addition to being a Krav Maga Alliance certified instructor, Shannon leads the Combat Cardio classes as a part of the KMDFW fitness program. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a BA in Geography and Spanish.


Chris Bonilla – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Wrestling

Josh Decker – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Aikido


Steve Paek – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Muay Thai, Boxing,

Steve Paek started training in the fighting art of Muay Thai in 2000 through various instructors. What started out as a hobby quickly transformed into a passion and love for all martial arts; not just physically but mentally. In 2008, Steve joined Krav Maga and eventually became gold certified level two instructor. He “has a lot of respect for Krav Maga because it takes away all rules of sport combat and places the student in a scenario where the threat becomes a matter of life or death. This system is effective and real but more importantly anybody can become proficient in it.” In addition to his martial arts training – Steve is a former certified personal trainer, former corporate trainer, and studied communications at the University of North Texas.

James Roberts – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Arnis ( Stick / knife fighting )


Jeff Farrell – Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Goju Ryu Karate, Jiu-Jitsu


Jonathan Sewell – Certified Krav Maga Instructor


Marcus Robertson

Certified Krav Maga Instructo



How long have you been teaching Krav Maga?

I started teaching Krav Maga in August, 1999. I watched a demonstration of Krav Maga at a show for Martial Arts Professionals in June, 1999. I was just blown away. I knew then and there I wanted to learn Krav Maga and become a Krav instructor. I attended the very first national certification class held by Krav Maga Worldwide. I became 1 of 14 instructors to teach Krav outside of the national training center in Los Angeles. In 2004, I sold my traditional martial arts studio in Allen, TX to teach Krav Maga full time and concentrate on expanding my Krav program. Today, I hold a Krav Maga Master License for the entire Dallas – Fort Worth metropolitan area and I am the senior instructor in North Texas. I continue to keep my Krav Maga training current by attending seminars and having Krav Maga Worldwide visit Dallas periodically keeping all the instructors in this area up to date with new methods and technology.

Are you a Black Belt in Krav Maga?

No. I am a Level II instructor (Brown Belt) and have completed all phases of the Krav Maga Expert Level (Black Belt) training. I simply have not taken the Black Belt test. The test is very physically demanding and extremely difficult, even for someone in their prime. Although I am in fairly good shape at over 60, I choose not to risk the high possibility of injury that is inherent in taking this test. I can teach all levels of Krav Maga including Basic, Advanced, and Expert levels. If a student decides to take the Krav Maga Black Belt test I can get them prepared, but the test itself would still be conducted in Los Angeles, which is company policy. I understand the need for the belt ranking system in Krav Maga, but please understand, Krav Maga is about your ability to win on the street, not belt recognition.

What about Krav Maga captured your attention?

I have been involved with traditional martial arts for over 20 years. Traditional martial arts has much to offer students, especially children. It teaches respect, discipline, and confidence. But practicing forms and competing in tournaments makes you good at just that, demonstrating forms and competing in tournaments. This practice does not equate to surviving a life and death encounter from an assailant on the street. That can only be accomplished by practicing skills and drills designed to work against real attacks. It is this reality based training that attracted me to Krav.

Is Krav Maga for everyone?

I think everyone age 13 or older SHOULD take Krav Maga. Unfortunately, many people will not take Krav because it is too easy to sit in front of a television and avoid exercise and / or claim they will never face an actual attack, so why bother? Or, if they do understand the necessity to take responsibility for their own personal safety, they buy a gun or pepper spray and assume every assault will give them the opportunity or justification to deploy that weapon.

Krav Maga can be used by people of all ages and abilities. We even have a youth program for ages 6 to 12. Krav Maga is based upon natural instincts, not elaborate movements. It does not take years of training to master.

So who should take Krav Maga? Men or women that want to take responsibility for their own safety AND get a pretty good work out as a bonus. OR, men or women that want a great head to toe work out and as a bonus learn some skills and drills that could end saving their life someday.

Do you have any advice for your students?

I have too many students who start off like a house a fire training five or six days per week and burn out after a few weeks or months of training. I also have those students who sign up and just never really “get going” at all. Just like all life style changes, if you attend class two or three times per week after a couple of months you will really start to feel comfortable with your abilities and look forward to each and every class you attend. So my advice is simply…once you get started, DON”T QUIT! I promise even if you never have to use your training (and I hope you never do) you will never regret what you have learned and how much better you will feel physically as a result of your Krav Maga training.

Good luck and God bless!


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