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Krav Maga Level 1 – Yellow Belt Curriculum

Krav Maga DFW Curriculum Main

There are no prerequisites or fitness level requirements to start this beginning level.

Yellow Belt Curriculum Level One

  1. Combatives

Straight Punch

Straight Punch – Low

Hammer Fist Strikes (all directions)

Palm Heel Strikes

Eye Strikes*

Throat Strikes*

Ear Strikes*

Horizontal Elbows (3)

Vertical Elbows (4)

Overhead Elbow

Knees (no grab, grab at neck, grab at shoulder)

Front Kick (back leg, front leg and switch kick)

Front Vertical Kick (ball of foot)

Round Kick Low

Round Kick Mid-Level

Stomp Kick (offensive)


  1. Assault Response

Choke Front Static / One Hand Pluck

Choke Front Static / Two Hand Pluck

Choke Back Static

Choke Side Static

Choke Front Push

Choke Back Push

Headlock Back Bar Arm

Headlock Back Carotid

Inside Defense against Low Straight Punches

Inside Defense against Straight Punches

Slipping Straight Punches

360 Outside Defense Positions

360 Outside Defense against Moving Attacks

Inside and 360 Outside Defense against Moving Attacks*


  1. Ground Transition

Front & Back Soft Falls

Side Falls

Front & Back Rolls

Getting Up Safely


  1. Ground Defense

Ground Movement (Back & Side) all Directions

Ground Front Kick

Ground Round Kick

Ground Side Kick

Ground Axe Kick

Stripping Foot Grab Pulled Forward

Stripping Foot Grab Turned Inward

Stripping Foot Grab Turned Outward


  1. Soft Techniques*

Same Side Hand Release

Opposite Side Hand Release

Two Hands Held High Release

Two Hands Held Low Release

Wrist Release Held by Two Hands

Shirt Grab (low threat)

Shirt Grab (high threat)

  1. Weapons Defense

Gun Touching Back

Gun Back of Arm


  1. Basic Sparring Skills


Movement all Directions

Shadow Sparring

Slow Sparring No Gear / No Contact*


  1. Basic Focus Mitt Combinations

L Jab; R Cross

L Jab; L Jab; R Cross

L Jab; R Cross; R Cross

L Jab; R Cross; L Jab; R Cross

L Jab; R Cross; (slip L Jab); R Cross

L Jab; R Cross; L Jab; (slip R Cross); L Jab

L Jab; R Cross; R Overhead Elbow

L Front Leg Front Kick; L Jab; R Cross; R Overhead Elbow


  1. Combative Combinations

R Front Kick to Groin; R Round Kick Low to Knee

R Front Kick to Groin; R Knee (no grab) to Head

R Front Kick to Groin; R Hammer Fist to Back of Neck or Spine

R Front Kick to Groin; R Jab to Head

R Side Hammer Fist to Head; L Elbow to Throat or Head

R Hammer Fist to Groin; R Elbow to Throat or Head (attacker in back)


  1. Advancement

Completion of Yellow Belt Mid-Term AND Instructor Approval


Successful Completion of Yellow Belt Exam (You must attend Mid-Term to test)


50 hours of classroom instruction of Yellow Belt Curriculum AND Instructor Approval



*techniques not on belt test


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