The CW: "Eye Opener"

Instructors Daniel and Shannon on the CW's morning program "Eye Opener" discussing Krav Maga and basic self defense techniques

A Man of Action: Cleburne Times-Review

Detective Kevin Link may not be the biggest guy on the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office’s roster of officers. But, he’s the one the big guys turn to when they want to learn to defend themselves in tense situations where guns are not an option. Link, who stands 5 feet, 7 inches tall, is the self-defense instructor for the sheriff’s office. And even though he started training in various forms of martial arts when he was 5, Link isn’t teaching his fellow deputies how to do karate chops or high judo kicks. Read More...

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"The best way to put it is krav maga is all martial and no art," says longtime instructor Jack Bolowskie, who runs Krav Maga DFW with schools in far north dallas and east Dallas and with a school planned for the Uptown/Oak Lawn area this year. Read more...

Linda Cooper from "Shopping is my Cardio" does a sample beginner lesson at Krav Maga DFW

Dallas Business Journal: Daniel Hines Receives "40 Under 40" Award

In the four years since he has taken ownership of Krav Maga DFW, Daniel Hines has expanded and completely modernized the business from a small, family-run martial arts academy to what is now a nationally and internationally recognized training organization with two locations in the Metroplex. Read More...

Voted #1 For Four Years: The Dallas A-List

Krav Maga DFW has been voted BEST Martial Arts location by Dallas A-List in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014; and voted runner up every year since. The best places in and around North Texas, based on more than 24,000 votes from local experts. "Joining Krav-Maga DFW is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been a member for over a year and I can confidently say that I am in the best shape I have ever been - physically and mentally."

Krav Maga at UD: The University News

Krav Maga is a set of proven self-defense skills useful against real-life attacks, on the battlefield or on the streets. It is effective against one or more assailants of any size and also improves cardiac fitness. The head-to-toe workouts get a person in the best physcial shape possible. Krav Maga lessons for UD students, staff and faculty have been offered this semester in the Maher Athletic Center. The classes have been given by Jack Bolowskie, senior Krav Maga instructor for North Texas and owner of Krav Maga DFW.

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