Our youth Krav Maga program has four main areas of focus:


Physical Fitness



Speed and agility

Healthy habits (sleep, nutrition, etc.)

Practical Self Defense

Dealing with bullies

Fighting off kidnappers

Responding to critical events

Combat Sports Skills and Drills

Learning teamwork and sportsmanship

Developing skills for boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ

Engage in youth competition events

Citizenship and Personal Development


Self control

Honesty and integrity



At Krav Maga DFW we believe each child should have the chance to realize their full potential, and we see it as our privilege to help them. Though we want to teach them good martial arts skills, our real goal is to make them better, healthier, happier human beings.


Skills, discipline, and fun!

Next Generation Krav Maga offers self-defense, fitness, life skills, and anti-bullying lessons for students ages 7 through 13, with separate classes for the 7-10 and 11-13 age groups. The program is designed to give each child a head start on the challenges that await them in their lives in a fun and engaging atmosphere; teaching them the value of street smarts and how to avoid being the victim. We motivate students to improve their overall fitness through games, drills, and circuit training routines that improve aerobic endurance, strength, speed, agility, and coordination. We will also rotate different themes each week that focus on respect, discipline, teamwork, goal setting, leadership, and more to prepare them for the realities in their lives ahead. 

Youth Krav Maga is a training program for young adults ages 7 through 13, but children from out of this age range will be considered for the program on an individual basis.

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